Tews EngineeringTews as a company has been in existence in Petersfield since 1910 – developing by 1980 into a subcontract engineering company manufacturing components for material handling companies – in particular Lansing Bagnall in nearby Basingstoke.

Since 1980 when the current MD joined the company there has been a policy of acquiring local engineering firms that bring additional skills and capability to the group. This climaxed in 2000 with the acquisition of Maltby Engineering nearly doubling the capacity of the group and bringing with it the capability of manufacturing larger and more complex fabrications – plus of course a valuable customer base, including Dennis of Guildford, the bus and coach manufacturer, now of course Alexander Dennis.

At its peak, prior to the global financial meltdown, Tews was turning over £10m p/a. Although business is currently reduced, due to the recession, Tews has retained all its key customers, including Alexander Dennis and Linde (who took over the Lansing business) and is looking to grow its way out of the current recession by exploiting the wide range of capability it can offer to existing and prospective customers.

Tews and Maltbys

In 2000 an opportunity arose for Tews to acquire a major local engineering company, Maltbys of Alton, with engineering capability which complemented that of Tews itself.

Tews focussed on precision engineering and small to medium sized fabrications, Maltbys brought the engineering capacity and size of workshop to build large fabrications – their prime customer was Dennis of Guildford manufacturers of large vehicles, buses and fire engines.

Today these two companies, together, offer a wide range of subcontract engineering skills to a variety of blue chip customers, while still retaining their individual identities. Behind the scenes common facilities are shared, from management expertise, through infrastructure services to basic engineering processes so that we can offer highly cost effective, flexible services to our customers.